Embrace Kids: social change film on body image to show in Coffs Harbor

Dr. Zali Yager, body image and wellness expert, researcher and co-author of Embrace Kids.

SOCIAL changing film ‘Embrace Kids’ arrives in Coffs Harbor for a special screening thanks to an initiative by Amanda Bos, psychology student from Southern Cross Uni and global ambassador for the Body Image Movement.

Amanda’s experience in the fitness industry and her personal journey with body image has honed her passion for creating social change and a paradigm shift in the mainstream discourse within our society.

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Amanda told NOTA she was inspired to bring Embrace Kids to Coffs Harbour.

“This film encourages our young people to think critically and to question what the media and our society want us to think in terms of believing that we have to change ourselves or buy certain products or be like other people in order to be happy.

“The main messages of Embrace Kids are to be yourself and believe in yourself and your potential because you are beautiful, unique and sufficient, just the way you are.

“Through this film, children will be reminded that the happiest people are those who follow their dreams and their hearts, regardless of what others think or say.

“It’s not the people striving for impossible standards or trying to fit in.”

It’s a message Amanda believes more young people need to hear.

She believes this is a message that has the potential to challenge current discourse and pave the way for a paradigm shift where our society is more open and accepting of body diversity.

Embrace Kids is aimed at an audience of nine to fourteen years old, but is equally engaging for teens, teachers and parents.

This film inspires, educates and advocates for a world where we are not held back by the thoughts we have about our appearance.

Instead, young people are encouraged to understand what makes them unique and special and use that to drive change.

The film explores and addresses some of the biggest issues facing young people today, including the relationship children have with their bodies and covers topics such as social media, disability/ability, gender identity, cultural origin, representation and diversity.

The screening of the film will take place on Sunday, November 6 at 4:30 p.m. at BCC Cinemas Coffs Harbor and includes a Q&A with two guest speakers; Dr. Zali Yager, body image and wellness expert, researcher and co-author of Embrace Kids, and Coffs Harbor child psychologist Amy Sketcher of Seasons Allied Health.

For more information, visit the ‘Amanda Bos Food Freedom Coach’ Facebook page.



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