Edge extensions to enhance social media and messaging



Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is the most popular and one of the pioneers. These plugins for Edge will help us improve our experience.

facebook color changer

This plugin for Facebook allows us to change the style of the social network to themes with custom colors. The extension has among its features 24 predefined color themes, among which we can find light and dark themes. We can also create our own custom themes configured with up to five colors. This applies to both Facebook buttons, such as Messenger and Like. In addition, it has additional settings for the user interface such as the possibility of being able to automatically hide menus and chats. We can download it from the Edge store.

New for Facebook Messenger

This plugin for Edge is responsible for blocking the sending of read receipts from Facebook. If we don’t want that our friends know when or if we have read their messages it’s the perfect extension to block those annoying read receipts. We only have to install it and we will not have to do anything. The extension takes up almost no space, since it only takes care of blocking a single line of code to disable play clicks on Facebook. It also has the ability to manually mark a message as read, giving us full control over who sees when we’ve read a message. To use it, simply download it from the Edge Add-on Store.


If we are users of this social network, these add-ons for Microsoft Edge can be of great interest and useful to us.

HD Twitter Downloader

We are talking about an extension that will be of great help to us download videos from twitter for free and with good image quality. It also supports converting social network videos to MP3 and downloading MP3 audio files. Another cool feature is its ability to quickly and unlimitedly download GIFs. And if a user is concerned about their privacy, say that the developers of this extension claim not to collect any user information. The plugin adds a download button at the bottom of the video so that one can download the video in MP4 format or the audio in MP3. Download free twitter hd downloader.

Simplified Twitter

This extension can be useful if we want avoid distractions when using the platform. And it is undeniable that the main disadvantage of Twitter is that its interface is loaded with elements that can become quite annoying and that can distract us from the main use, which is none other than reading tweets. That’s why the main goal of this plugin is to improve our user experience by removing all distractions from its design, making it more minimalistic. To do this, remove the trending columns, main menu, and other items we don’t use, so we can focus exclusively on tweets. Download Simplfield Twitter for free.


It is another social network belonging to Facebook and which is also very popular, so these extensions may interest us.

Desktop client for Instagram

This plugin is responsible for providing us with a instagram desktop mobile experience from our browser. And it is that if we are used to using the web version of Instagram on our PC, we have verified that it is more limited, since the social network itself prefers that we use its mobile application. That’s why this unofficial application allows using functions such as direct messages, downloads and viewing stories. We can also upload videos from the PC, take screenshots from the Instagram window and upload images. Download this plugin from Edge Store.

Desktop client for Instagram

instagram downloader

It is a supplement specially designed to be able to download images, videos and stories from instagram. Among its features, it stands out for working with both images and videos, allowing you to download the stories, as well as a single image from a post or multiple images in a single ZIP file. In addition, we can perform a massive download of our entire profile. We just have to use a corresponding download button to be able to download everything we need from the social network. It is possible to download the Instagram downloader for free.


One of the most popular social networks has gained popularity in recent years. If we use it regularly, these add-ons can be very useful.

Web for TikTok

By using this plugin we will be able to access our TikTok account from Edge as if we were using our mobile. We will be able to log in, upload videos and watch all the content on the platform in a mobile view. We can also automatically open TikTok links as app view and download videos. All this with a very low consumption of computer resources so that it does not interfere negatively while we carry out other tasks. We can download Web for TikTok from the Edge Addon Store.

Web for TikTok

TikTok download video, audio and cover

As its name suggests, there is an add-on that clearly shows what its intentions are and what it offers if you decide to install it. And it is that through its use we will be able to obtain with a few clicks the TikTok download links, either videos, with or without watermark, audio in MP3 format and cover in JPG format. If we are regular users of this social network, this extension can help us download everything that interests us with little effort. Download this plugin for free.

Addons for messaging and chats

If we like to chat from our computer, these extensions for Edge can be very useful in our day to day.

Emoji Keyboard

This extension for Edge will allow us insert emoticons fun and fast. The extension is backwards compatible with older versions of the Windows 7, as well as older versions of android. In this way, emojis are displayed in black and white in the case of older systems and in color for systems that support color emojis. Supports iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux emojis. We just need to copy and place the emojis on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or any application or site where we can insert text. Download free Emoji keyboard.

emoji keyboard

This plugin for Edge will be very useful to help us create and copy emojis to any website, giving us access to more than 100 emojis to be able to insert them in comments on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and WhatsApp and Telegram. By installing it we will have free access to more than 100 emojis. Using this software is extremely simple, since we only have to click on the extension icon and choose the emoji we want to use. We just have to stick it in the desired place and thus express our state of mind at that moment. Download this plugin from the Edge store.

Online webmail

If we are lovers of social networks and messaging applications, chances are that we use them regularly. Each works independently, so we need to start its corresponding application or visit its web page. Well, this plugin allows us bundle all social media and messaging apps in the same tool as it supports a wide variety of chat and private messaging services. In this way we can group all our WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Discord, Hangouts accounts, among others. Download the extension from the Microsoft Add-on Store.


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