Eder Militao filed a defamation lawsuit on social media against his ex-girlfriend Karoline Lima


Eder Militao has filed a defamation lawsuit on social media against his ex-girlfriend Karoline Lima.

Militao denounces that he suffers constant mistreatment (insults and verbal attacks) from his supporters after their breakup.

“Karol did not know anything at all, we learned from the press. It was something we really did not expect. Karol is still dismayed, she does not want to appear or manifest herself at the moment.

It was not properly quoted, the quote was sent to Éder’s house in Brazil. She is still absorbing everything, but we are already engaged in the preparation of our defense,” the lawyer said.

Also according to the influencer’s defense, Militão wanted to “silence” Karoline with the action, which was filed on June 30, a few days before the birth of Cecília, daughter of the ex-couple, and before they announce the end of the relationship. …

“This harassment happens constantly and unexpectedly through [Karol]who uses his personal account, through his profile and comments that are addressed directly to the person of [Militão] in the aforementioned social network, exposing publications, videos, stories with the sole purpose of eroding the image of [Militão]accompanied by speech with pejorative content,” Militão’s defense said, in a lawsuit obtained by UOL Esporte.

A few days later, the judge upheld the decision: “The messages were published by third parties and there is no comment or publication by the correspondent, so it is not possible to infer that he encourages users of the profiles to make such publications. It is possible to determine what is necessary, “explained the judge. A virtual conciliation hearing between the ex-couple is scheduled for February 27, 2023.


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