Driving social change through impactful partnerships


MultiChoice is Africa’s leading entertainment and services platform with a footprint spanning 50 markets across sub-Saharan Africa and adjacent islands, 21.8 million subscribers and nearly 40 years of experience in the video industry.

Widely regarded as Africa’s most beloved storyteller, and rightly so, MultiChoice’s contribution to society goes far beyond providing video entertainment and consumer services. The company’s goal is to enrich lives, not only by using the medium of video entertainment and bringing people together around a common passion through compelling local and international stories and world-class sport, but also ensuring that business is part of the solution for the continent’s socio-economic challenges.

The partners visit the Earthshot Prize 2021 finalist, the Sanergy waste treatment plant.

In this regard, MultiChoice has seized the opportunity to amplify our services and create value by collaborating with the “right” partners, including: non-profit organizations, civil society and governments with the ultimate goal of drive social change by combining ideas, resources, creativity and collective leverage.

As a company sensitive to the social and environmental issues of the communities in which it operates, MultiChoice is now involved in efforts to address climate challenges.

According to the World Meteorological Organization’s report on the state of the climate in Africa 2021, extreme weather events and climate change are undermining human health and safety, food and water security and socio-economic development on the African continent. .

MultiChoice is deeply invested in the prosperity of the African continent. In line with its commitment to enriching lives, MultiChoice has decided to collaborate with The Earthshot Prize, an ambitious global environmental prize that aims to find innovative solutions to the world’s biggest environmental problems and help repair our planet over the next 10 years. years.

The partnership will allow MultiChoice to not only educate communities about climate change, but also encourage innovators to showcase their solutions, inspire other companies to join the fight against climate change, and motivate governments to prioritize climate change in their national agendas.

MultiChoice will help raise awareness and understanding of the Earthshot Prize across Africa, support local finalists, showcase their innovative solutions, and mobilize communities to address sustainability challenges.

The company is also a member of the Global Alliance of Earthshot Prize Members which includes non-profit and international organizations committed to the environment and sustainability.

The collective power of Global Alliance members gives winners and runners-up access to resources across many professions and sectors, including manufacturing, retail, supply chains, legal advice, digital technology , business strategy and government relations.

MultiChoice believes this collaboration is the best approach to solving this problem. He has a good track record of partnering with like-minded organizations to drive social change.

For example, some of the efforts he has supported to address socio-economic challenges include partnering with the South African Department of Social Development, People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) and the Uyinene Mrwetyana Foundation to speak out against gender-based violence ( GBV).

At the height of the Covid-19 outbreak, MultiChoice partnered with the United Nations to counter the spread of misinformation around the pandemic and also worked with the World Health Organization to create an education campaign on Covid-19 in vernacular languages.

It also has a partnership with the Global Citizen, a global movement that aims to fight extreme poverty through collective action. MultiChoice’s contribution is to amplify the work of Global Citizen across the African continent by broadcasting its annual campaign on its platform.

MultiChoice believes in the educational power of its platforms and that is why it continues to reaffirm its commitment to investing in Africa through its long-established hyperlocal strategy. Through its hyperlocal strategy, MultiChoice has not only created a platform to tell African stories, but it is also helping to create jobs and grow the economy.

However, the company is not resting on its laurels: MultiChoice remains well positioned to continue supporting, uplifting and empowering communities through entertainment.

At MultiChoice, the African entertainment industry is at the heart of who we are and what we do. This social investment program shows our commitment – ​​alongside long-term partnerships with government, stakeholders and creative organizations – to develop Africa’s creative industries into vibrant economic hubs. That’s how MultiChoice uses the power of entertainment to enrich lives.

For example, in 2021, we assigned our class of 2021 MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) to assist us in the filming of the ninth season of the Survivor South Africa franchise. As a result, 15 new interns were moved to personal training and professional production internships, with 10 interns placed on professional productions, including 40 days on Survivor SA.

MTF is an entertainment industry preparation program that offers young people the opportunity to learn from some of the country’s leading industry experts, while gaining valuable experience in directing, producing, cinematography, commissioning, art direction and many other skills.

The training program also includes partnerships with production companies and the New York Film Academy.

Communities across the African continent face challenges unique to their region. That’s why MultiChoice isn’t prescriptive about the type of community initiatives its regional teams invest in.

In April 2022, severe flooding hit KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa – nearly 450 lives were lost and more than 13,500 households were affected. MultiChoice donated ZAR 2 million to Gift of the Givers and ZAR 265,400 in relief kits distributed to employees.

In today’s era of proven solutions and abundant resources, MultiChoice recognizes that more than ever customers expect more from the brands they avidly support, especially in a post-Covid-19 reality.

That’s why MultiChoice’s approach has always been community-centric. Over the years, MultiChoice has learned that to fully understand your customers and be a true agent of change, it must fully immerse itself in the communities in which it operates to be able to offer tailored and specific solutions.

That’s why enriching lives is at the center of every project MultiChoice undertakes. MultiChoice demonstrates how business is not just about profits, but about delivering shared value for everyone in the company’s value chain, from employees to shareholders to customers, through openness and embracing a world in which businesses are held accountable by consumers.

MultiChoice is committed to the development and growth of Africa. It lives this commitment by addressing socio-economic challenges through initiatives that aim to help provide a sustainable future for our continent. Throughout its 30 years of activity in Africa, it has used its experience, expertise and platforms to drive social change.

The company believes in using the power of video entertainment to enrich lives and leverages its broadcast platforms for social good. It affects 21.8 million households in 50 countries on the African continent. He understands how powerful video entertainment is to inform, educate and entertain. It provides content that raises awareness on topics of public interest and mobilizes resources to address social challenges.

He also understands that he cannot meet socio-economic challenges alone. This is why it recognizes the importance of collaboration, which allows parties to bring expertise and strengths from various sources to focus on the same goal.

In this regard, MultiChoice has seized the opportunity to amplify our services and create value by collaborating with the “right” partners, including nonprofits, civil society and governments – with the ultimate goal to drive social change by combining ideas, resources, creativity and collective leverage.

MultiChoice’s portfolio of offers has been strongly boosted by commercial partnerships, while its partners have been enriched and developed alongside MultiChoice.


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