Cosmetics Lush quits social media to express concern for consumers’ mental health


Cosmetics Lush quits social media to express concern for consumers’ mental health

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November 23, 2021 01:52 GMT

The company announced a “global anti-social media policy” which aims to draw attention to the use of technology to “renew, not destroy” and “positively impact social change”.

Lush cosmetics brand a d Last Friday, he would deactivate his social media accounts Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat, in an effort to tackle what it considers to be consumer mental health issues.

The company said that starting Nov. 26, its global network presence will remain suspended until the platforms take steps to provide a safer environment for users.

“We hope the platforms will provide strong guidance for best practice, and we hope they will become an international rule of law,” the company said in a statement, citing the need it saw as taking its own steps to protect customers from “Damages and manipulations” For those who are exposed on social networks.

In this context, the British brand has planned a series of initiatives that include increasing its presence on YouTube or using Twitter for customer service. Likewise, it started its campaigns by producing newsletters which are distributed via email.

Under the title “Global Anti-Social Media Policy”This new commitment, which will extend to the 48 countries where the company currently operates, aims to draw attention to the use of technologies to “renew, not destroy” and “have a positive impact on social change”.

This is the second time the company has attempted to promote similar measures, having done so in 2019 with its UK channels. Now this design has been improved by a whole set of Information The latter “which clearly reveals the well-known harms to which young people are exposed” due to “the poor organization of this space”, according to a press release published on its official website.

In a world where technology has become an essential part of every business, Lush, a company that makes luxury skin and hair care products, says it’s ready to “start Numerical revolutionNS”.


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