Coronation launches sport as an agent of social change


A memorable day as the Coronation High School in Klarinet in Extension 6 launches its sports session as an agent to address societal issues.

Coronation Secondary School students play morabaraba (board game) during school sports day on Thursday March 3 at Klarinet Extension 6.

The show took place on Thursday, March 3.

“Sport was seen as a way to stay healthy and fit. But the importance of sport goes much further. Sport helps in the overall development of students. Playing sports teaches life lessons, such as teamwork, responsibility, self-confidence, responsibility and self-discipline. We face many social and economic challenges that some of us are unable to handle. Playing sports corrects the shortcomings that come with the stressors that could later lead to depression and the death of the unfortunate,” Ms Thembani Sithole said.

Ms. Sithole added that the activities bring all the individuals within the institution together as one and working towards the same goal, which is the unity of purpose for them.

Thami Dlamini leads aerobics at Coronation High School on Thursday, March 3.

She also believes that sport not only contributes to physical health, but also enhances social and personality development.

She added that sport helps improve leadership skills and improve the ability to set goals and develop character.

Staff members and learners, who are active in sport, will naturally have higher self-esteem, better social interaction and a more positive outlook on life in the future.

“Sporting activities make individuals acquire ethics, values, responsibility, discipline, a feeling of trust and mutual trust. Sportsmanship helps a person to face life’s ups and downs more gracefully. He will lead his life with good character and a positive attitude and thus be less likely to fall victim to social ills. According to some studies, people who compete in sports get better grades (if in school), have more confidence, and graduate at higher rates. The majority of them avoid ailments such as drugs, unplanned pregnancies, obesity, suicide and depression,” Ms Sithole concluded.

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