Combating Disinformation and Misinformation in 21st Century Social Movements – Non Profit News


Around the world, false narratives and propaganda, including misinformation and disinformation campaigns, plague social movements that organize to wrest power from global elites. These campaigns often seek to delegitimize the efforts of those who challenge various forms of racial, economic and gender oppression. For example, in the United States, conservative policymakers are weaponizing old tropes that associate homosexuals with pedophilia — a vile lie typically spouted by the far right that is now turning to mainstream conservative rhetoric — to delegitimize liberation movements. queer and trans.

Disinformation and misinformation coupled with presumably legitimate criticism have converged to create a set of anti-Black narratives that pathologize black movement leaders while challenging and threatening the legitimacy of the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole. These narratives include a rejection of systemic racism and identity politics as a threat to the status quo.

As we approach the 2022 midterms, we expect the lies about voter fraud to seep into the airways, reaffirm “the big lie” and continue to diminish faith in elections and democracy. . The white supremacist massacre of predominantly black people in Buffalo, New York, in mid-May was motivated by replacement theory, the idea that Western elites want to “replace” and disempower Americans whites, a violent lie that politicians and the mainstream media have spread.

In this panel, we explore the question: How can social movements succeed against the rise of fictional narratives, propaganda, disinformation and misinformation in the media and in our daily lives?


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