Code Orange mentions “White Rabbit” on social media


WWE News on White Rabbit: In their last live broadcasts, WWE provided a series of encrypted segments in front of the public. For brief moments during their broadcasts, the speakers played the Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit” as the lights alternated between white and red. Additionally, a series of messages hidden in QR codes were presented to viewers.

It’s almost a success to think that Bray Wyatt is behind these posts, with multiple clues pointing to his former personas and mentions. Over the past few hours, the Code Orange group has provided a possible sign of Bray Wyatt’s return. The composers of the entrance theme of “The Fiend” posted a video on their Instagram account narrated by the three-time world champion.

“Sometimes it feels like a dream. You live on the line between what you are and what they see. On the way to incomprehensible cries. You learn to love worship and to separate yourself from suffering.

You are building your reality, beyond a fantasy The darkest and deepest dopamine entering serenely We are disinfecting the machine, those we love and the air we breathe Affected by a new disease so toxic but of which we can’t hide Draw the curtains and close your eyes Open up and let it into you.

The track has been associated with “White Rabbit” by various fans of the band and wrestling. The description is also in keeping with the theme, including a little white rabbit and a hole. Bray Wyatt’s possible return could take place this Saturday, October 8 at Extreme Rules, as hinted by the latest White Rabbit hint on RAW.

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