Charity and club memberships can boost your social status and networks


Involvement in non-profit organizations or clubs in the Cayman Islands can elevate your social status. This is mostly due to the connections you can make and how they usually translate into developing new relationships and gaining access to new opportunities.

Establish a connection

Establishing a connection is also easy. You only have to go through the process of joining or volunteering and, once accepted, fulfill the simple task of behaving well, showing respect to others and being competent with your role in the organization or club, as the case may be.

As for being proficient, it doesn’t mean you have to win every squash match or raise the most money at a fundraising event. However, that means you have to play well or make a meaningful contribution.

Development of new relationships

Once club or association members hear about or see the positive things you do, they may develop a keen interest in getting to know you on a deeper level, perhaps even wanting to get involved in what you do. do so well or invite to an activity in which they participate outside the organization or club.

Interacting with other members or volunteers in this way often leads to introductions to their colleagues, who are members of other networks. As one conversation leads to the next, your social network grows rapidly, along with your positive influence or impact on others. New groups or networks may even grow to see you as an authority on a subject and, perhaps, ask for your opinion.

New opportunities

Becoming the go-to person as a result of these exchanges could mean you’re people’s first choice when it comes to new ideas or opportunities. For example, you may be asked if you are interested in participating in a new company, applying for a scholarship, or making a horizontal or upward change in your career via a job offer led by someone else. This does not mean, however, that you will be able to circumvent the system or skip the line somehow. It simply means that you are one of the first points of contact, an enviable position on a small island where relationships and reputation are key to becoming and staying well established.

When you arrive

Seizing one of the opportunities available to you and excelling at it can eventually lead you to one of your greatest heights socially (with your networks) and professionally (with your position). It is also very important that the principles you learn to get there never leave you. So stay sincere, keep being kind and generous. A good heart in a humble, successful person is, after all, where you find real class. This is real prestige.


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