Campaign launched to promote the beaches of Puerto Plata on social networks


With the interest of promoting the beaches of the North Coast, with their particular charms and their purity, the Puerto Plata Destination Tourism Cluster (CTDPP), with its member institutions and the support of various influencers in the province, has created a promotional campaign that will take place in different phases during the summer season.

The beginning of the initiative consisted of an open survey published on Instagram with which it was intended to connect users to achieve the most creative expression that best promotes the enjoyment of the beaches of Puerto Plata.

A jury made up of account managers @ilovepuertoplata @centrohistoricopop @memepop, involved in the project, as well as part of the Cluster’s management team, unanimously chose #MIPLAYAESTUPLAYA, a phrase that indicates a feeling of belonging and pride and involves hospitality.

The main objective is to stimulate the frequentation of the beaches of the province by the mass publication of images evoking the experiences of bathers and sunbathers. The intention is that the content will be published on the various social networks with the selected phrase until it spins.

This initiative was born in the Pole, whose scope and success are linked to the participation of the entire community, colleagues, friends, media, public and private institutions. To achieve the integration of all, the instructions with the steps to follow will be disseminated through different media and channels to motivate everyone to reproduce the campaign on their networks.

Likewise, it will seek to integrate local and national influencers so that they motivate their followers through the publication of content in their respective accounts, which serves as an example of what is being pursued.


  1. Share the image of your favorite beach in Puerto Plata – it can be a photo or a video type reel with the name and/or location of the beach.
  2. Post the hashtags #MiPlayaEsTuPlaya and #PuertoPlata and tag the account @discoverpuertoplaa (to repost content).
  3. Use Ozuna’s song “El Mar” from time 0.09 to achieve a more direct and associative identification of the project.
  • Additional recommendations:
  • Also upload to wall (stream) for content to last.
  • Finally, use photos without added filters to project naturalness and authenticity.
  • Follow @discoverpuertoplata account


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