British Writers Create Social Change at San Diego Comic-Con


Among the hustle and bustle of small press exhibitors at San Diego Comic-Con is Yomi Ayeni. He is the mastermind of a futuristic book and comic series set in Victorian England called “Clockwork Watch”.

“I like steampunk, but I don’t like colonialism,” Ayeni said.

He described “Clockwork Watch” as “a steampunk story that recontextualized or revisited the world of colonialism”.

One of the series’ goals is to make a heavy subject matter accessible to all readers, Ayeni said.

“It’s kind of funny, you know, when a black person revisits the colonial era but tries to set up a story that’s about everyone, regardless of your race, color, gender,” he said. -he declares.

Corey Brotherson co-wrote and adapted the book into a comic book series. He and Ayeni have worked together on this series for over a decade and have a steampunk fan base at Comic-Con. This year they are launching a new book in the series, “My Father’s Sins”. Brotherson said the couple were excited to interact with their fans again after being separated due to the pandemic shutdowns.

“Not having that for several years has been a real blow in that sense, as has being able to talk to people, being able to get feedback on your work and seeing their eyes light up when they start to understand and engage with the real creative process and everything that goes with it,” Brotherson said.

Creating a series that helps people escape to a fantasy world is the easy part, Ayeni said. The hardest part is getting fans to come out eager to take action.

“When we look at history, in some cases there are things we see that are not so palatable. The story itself gives you the opportunity to look at yourself in the mirror and put question your past. But also ask if you, as an individual, can make the world a better place,” Ayeni said.

Through the book, they raise funds for a school in Kenya that welcomes underage girls who are forced into marriage or escape female genital mutilation.

Ayeni said that through her books, fans can find their own voice for change.


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