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Posts between Russian servicemen on social media helped inform Ukraine before the invasion

Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine last month

British spies reportedly monitored the Russian invasion of Ukraine by tracking Vladimir Putin’s soldiers using the dating app Grindr and other social networking sites.

Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine 11 days ago and British spies have reportedly become increasingly certain of Putin’s plans after tapping into social media posts.

Intelligence services provided the information to help Ukraine prepare for a full-scale invasion, keeping only a few details to protect sources and methods.

Putin banned dating apps such as Grindr in 2013, but they are still in use and provide a “treasure trove” of information to British spies.

Intelligence services also tracked posts on the Russian equivalent of Facebook – VKontakte.

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Soldiers of the pro-Russian militia in the Lugansk region or in Ukraine on February 27



A source told the Daily Mail: “These sites were a treasure trove for our spies, and the dating apps in particular – soldiers and those involved in the military effort were particularly unsupervised.

“It meant we were very aware of the plans and the imminence of the invasion, down to details such as the movement of blood supplies to Russian troops.”

It comes as brave Ukrainians marched towards Russian troops in the town of Melitopol and told them to ‘go home’, forcing the soldiers to retreat while firing their guns above protesters’ heads .

Citizens had been given a five-hour window to flee the bombarded city, only for the fighting and strikes that caused many to immediately seek shelter or return home.

Crowds greeted President Volodymyr Zelensky, chanting “Zelensky is a good guy, Putin’s motherfucker”.

And efforts to evacuate Mariupol were halted as Russian shelling of escape routes continued despite a ceasefire.

Ukrainians trying to flee the city during a five-hour ceasefire had to seek refuge after Russian forces continued to shell, it was reported.

A convoy of Russian military vehicles as they head towards the border in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine on February 23


Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Many had to turn back as it became clear that the shelling had continued and fighting had broken out near the evacuation route.

“It’s not safe to go through this road because of this fighting,” the town’s deputy mayor, Serhiy Orlov, told the BBC.

Amid Britain’s continued support for Ukraine, two selfless, combat-ready young Britons with no military experience went to risk their lives to fight alongside Ukrainian troops.

The couple didn’t even tell their parents they were heading to the war zone lest they try to change their minds.

Inexperienced Matt Harden, 25, from Liverpool and spunky teenager Steven, from Scotland, met a 24-year-old Algerian-Australian man online.

They first spoke via Discord, an online chat room popular among gamers. From there, they hatched their plan to join the International Legion.

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