Bluesky, founded by Jack Dorsey, unveils a roadmap for decentralized social networks –


Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey announced in late 2019 that he was constantly working on creating a decentralized social media protocol. He also added that his company started working on the project by forming a small group of independent developers with a single goal of creating a decentralized social media protocol to serve new online connectivity standards independent of any board of directors. centralized like government and business.

Three years later, his team announced that they had completed the task and were ready to introduce the world’s first decentralized social media platform. On Tuesday, a website was launched by the Bluesky initiative targeting its decentralized social media protocol named the AT protocol. The website also mentions a waiting list where users can pre-register for the Bluesky app. The team believes that this browser can be the ideal browser for modern times and can provide access to the AT protocol network. As expected, the waiting list filled quicklyresulting in third-party intervention.

The Bluesky team regularly works rigorously on a public repository on GitHub. The Bluesky team reported in one of their blogs, “Since May we have been doing protocol work in a public repository on Github, but we’ve mostly been quiet on our blog and Twitter. That’s starting to change”.

The AT protocol is a fully decentralized network that operates independently without the will of anyone, be it the government or the corporate giants. The Bluesky team believes it will provide the much-needed independence that allows users to secure their data and avoid company-driven algorithms that promote controversial content to keep users engaged.

According to the Bluesky team, “algorithms dictate what we see and who we can reach.” They further added, “we need to have control of our algorithms if we are to trust our online spaces.”

Bluesky’s mission is to accelerate interoperability and mutual compatibility between different platforms. The team successfully developed a framework that supports interoperability and facilitates interconnectivity between other AT protocol-based applications.

The Bluesky team stated that “the world needs a diverse connected services market to ensure healthy competition. Interoperability should feel like second nature on the web.

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