“Block” social networks. Seven conspiracy theories about what happened


On October 4, Monday, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s other social networks – like Instagram and Whatsapp – decreases During about seven o’clock, from 4:30 p.m. (Lisbon time). Even with most social networks inaccessible, theories about the cause of this “blackout” continued to circulate.

We have analyzed some of Theories that are becoming popular on Twitter – The only one of the most used social networks that was not affected by the “blackout”, because it is not affiliated with the Facebook company.

1. Anonymus group attack

An account named @AnonymusNews – which takes the name of the group associated since the end of the 2000s with the activities of hacktivism (seal the pirate and activity) – it was reported that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were pirate volume Extraction of highly confidential information and conversations from governments around the world..

It is important to note that there is no evidence that this account has any connection with the Anonymus group. There are many people on social media who use the terms even though there is no connection between them and the band.

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On the other hand too There is no evidence that the ‘blackout’ was the result of a cyberattack. according to Release Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, the “blackout” was due to “configuration changes in the structure routers which coordinates network traffic “between corporate data centers”. They add, “This network traffic disruption has had a ripple effect on how our data centers communicate with each other, disrupting our services.

The next day, Facebook added to the note that No malicious activity detected“We want to make it clear that there was no malicious activity behind this outage – it was caused by a bad configuration change on our part. User data has been hacked Because of this opacity. “The company also apologizes to users and merchants for the inconvenience caused by the situation.

Journalist Brian Krebs, who investigates cybercrime, security and privacy, also published a… Item – Merchandise Where he explains the reason for the “blackout” on social networks. “We don’t know yet why this happened, but how it was clear: this morning something happened inside Facebook because of the company Revoke Key Digital Records Computers and other internet-connected devices show how to find these destinations In lineexplains the journalist.

There may be an update in the file Gateway Protocol (BGP), the mechanism that allows all devices to access a specific device website. In simpler terms, something happened on Facebook this morning, which is A map that tells computers around the world how to find their various properties In line. The result, typing Facebook.com on Navigator the Internet Navigator It doesn’t know where to find Facebook.com, and it displays an error page. “

to the platform Fact check Spanish Maldita.esAnd IT and cybersecurity experts suggest that the problem is most likely related to field systems (DNS) associated with the BGP system. While DNS indicates the direction in which the server is located. LocationPaul Aguilar, head of digital security at the Mexican organization SocialTIC, explains that BGP is the technology that shows the way to connect to the server.

2. Withholding evidence erased after Francis Hogan’s complaint

Several users have associated this “blackout” with Complaints filed By Frances Hogan Former Product Manager for Facebook Misinformation. Less than 24 hours before the social media crash, an interview took place on CBS 60 Minutes in which Haugen, who released reports and company documents, came forward for the first time.

On Twitter, consider some people “Incredibly fishy” That the “blackout” took place immediately after the denunciations, even going so far as to say that it was Plan “to destroy evidence”.

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There is no evidence that these seven hours of social media blackout obscured any data or evidence. By the way, “The New York Times” Explain It’s very Facebook’s internal system affected In this case, prevent employees from accessing any element of the network, including simple E-mail.

3. Main Icon Removed and Facebook Deleted Forever

The message is accompanied by an image that looks like a DNS listing. In the description, one of the files The most fatalistic theories: “Someone removed a lot of the reference…that doesn’t mean Facebook just went down, apparently…it just means that facebook disappeared. “

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This theory is obviously wrong because Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are already Returned to active and was not eliminated. At this point, you will be able to access any network without any problem. The platforms were active again at 00:00 (Lisbon time), seven hours after they fell.

4. Configuration of military servers at Facebook headquarters

In another theory circulating on social media – this time on ICT Tac (which is erased) – Mention that US military confiscates Facebook serversAt the company’s headquarters, the activity of the three social networks was interrupted.

“The military broke into Facebook’s California headquarters and took down all of its servers. Facebook is now down indefinitely,” the author of the video explains.

But this statement is also False. As confirmed by Tom Parnell, director of communications at Facebook, confirmed to the platform Fact check “Bullet Stories”. NOT. Location The American has attempted to contact the Ministry of Defense to clarify this claim, but has not received a response so far.

5. Attacks pirate Chinese on Facebook

The post linking the ‘blackout’ to the Anonymus group attack wasn’t the only one to suggest a link to pirate. twitter user I decided to share the theory that “Facebook revealed that the recent outage of its apps and services was due to a… a group of pirate sponsored by the chinese state Known as Xian Hughjanus.

The user also quotes Sheryl Sandberg – who is actually the CEO of Facebook – saying that the company is “collaborating with the FBI” and that “it’s the Third Assault In line from China In the past three days.

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To make the information believable, the user changed his account name and photo to look like a financial news journal.Bloomberg, with nuances – instead of “Bloomberg” the name was “Bloomberg”. The use of images similar to those in newspapers is common and aims to make the information conveyed credible.

One user ended up posting another Tweeter where it says that The information shared “was a joke”. However, the original post has already exceeded four thousand shares and six thousand Love. Besides being considered a “joke”, there is no evidence that the “outage” was caused by cyberattacks.

6. Drones fall from the sky and Facebook goes down

There is one file left Video What is broadcast and attributed to the failure of social media. NOT. section 50 seconds showing several drones falling from the sky in China. It is mentioned in the stock descriptions that the fall of the devices occurred after the disruption of the work of social networks.

But it’s wrong. How do you explain the platform? Fact check Maldita.es, This video was posted at least two days before the social media blackout. The second explains LocationviceWhat was reported by the Chinese channel “Henan TV”This moment was captured on October 1, in a shopping mall in Zhenzhou – that is, there is no It has absolutely nothing to do with Facebook..

7. Facebook won’t work “three days in a row”

There were also those who shared on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp that “they won’t work while they’re on”. three days in a rowPublications (such as, for example, He is NOT. He is) Provide an image with the extension design page style”iProfessional.com News platform.

In fact, the original title The message was “The fall of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram: they don’t work”. NOT. He didn’t mention any break for three days. currently Address available is “WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram crash: services are being backed up”.

There are still those who believe that Blackout maybe a Glimpse of the new reality: The QAnons – a group that believes a secret gang is plotting against former US President Donald Trump – called this ‘blackout’ a ‘ten days of darkness’, one of the expected signs of 2017.

“data-title=” social media blackout. Seven conspiracy theories about what happened – a lie detector “>

The company’s chief technology officer, Mike Schroepfer, announced on Twitter That Facebook services are back In line“Warning that it may take some time for them to be 100% up and running. My apologies to all small and large businesses, families and individuals who depend on us.”

Therefore, it is wrong that the “blackout” on social networks lasts several days. In fact, the system resumed about seven hours after it was shut down.


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