BBC, Disney, ITV, Meta and Netflix commit to social change task force


Film, TV, gaming and social media organizations including the BBC, Dazed Media, Disney, ITV, Meta, Netflix, Nowness, Paramount, Prime Video, Sky, Snap Inc and Spotify have signed up to be part of of the Entertainment Industries Working Group. on the social impact.

The task force was announced at the launch of the OKRE Summit, a new annual event bringing together leaders from the entertainment and charity industries to “advance cross-industry collaboration and advocate for entertainment content that makes a real difference in the world.” “.

The task force will look at ways to measure and improve the social and cultural impact of entertainment content and is set up by OKRE, a global charity that works with the entertainment industry, research and the entertainment sector. social impact to help them “collaborate on content that will grow.” people’s understanding of the world.

Members of the industry working group are:

  • Benjamin King, Director of Public Policy, Netflix
  • Dan Grabiner, Head of UK Originals, Prime Video
  • Dixi Stewart, Chief of Staff to the Director General, BBC
  • Fiona Ball, Group Manager of The Bigger Picture, Sky
  • Gaby Hornsby, Content Editor and Head of Television for Sustainability, BBC
  • Gavin Humphries, Editor, Nowness
  • Georgia Arnold, Senior Vice President and Head of VIS: Social Impact, Paramount Global
  • Iain Dodgeon, Director, OKRE
  • Lorraine Ní Annracháin, Social Impact Manager, Spotify
  • Nick Callaghan, Head of Industry, Entertainment, Meta
  • Priya Matadeen, Managing Director, Dazed Media
  • Sara Hanson, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility EMEA and UK, The Walt Disney Company
  • Susie Braun, Social Lens Director, ITV
  • Suzy Cox, Head of Programming (EMEA and APAC), Snap Inc.

Nick Callaghan, Head of Industry for the Entertainment Vertical at Meta in the UK, said: “I’m very much looking forward to being part of the OKRE working group. The entertainment industry has the ability to change people’s lives through the power of its storytelling. I’m very excited to see how we can harness this to bring about real social change. »

Susie Braun, Director of Social Purpose at ITV, said: “ITV’s Social Purpose has clear and measurable goals for our on-screen and off-screen business. It’s so important to measure the impact of what we do, so we really know the change we’re creating. I look forward to collaborating and sharing best practices through this working group. »

Georgia Arnold, SVP & Head of VIS: Social Impact, Paramount Global, said, “Paramount recognizes the important role entertainment plays in shaping minds and ultimately driving change. Through our work with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and soon to be our new studio division, VIS Social Impact, it is possible to measure the impact of entertainment on shaping minds and ultimately driving change, and I look forward to advancing this important area of ​​interest through the task force. initiative. »

Suzy Cox, Head of Programming, EMEA at Snap Inc, said, “Snap understands the significant impact of entertainment in influencing and shaping perspectives on societal issues. We believe our owned, creator, and partnered content should reflect the diverse voices, experiences, and passions of our broader community. This approach is fundamental to everything we do at Snap – from how we build and nurture our culture, to how we run our business and design products. I look forward to collaborating and sharing best practices with members of the OKRE working group to measure the impact of our work and drive positive and lasting change.

Lorraine Ní Annracháin, Head of Social Impact, Spotify, said: “As an industry, we impact hundreds of millions of people around the world every day, and that comes with responsibility. Collectively, we have a huge opportunity to inspire our audience and drive change. I’m thrilled that Spotify is working with leaders in the entertainment industry to leverage storytelling, culture and our platforms to drive action on the biggest issues facing our world today.

The task force is convened by OKRE, a new global charity bringing together the entertainment industry, researchers and the social impact sector to expand people’s knowledge of the world by stimulating new approaches in form and contents.

Iain Dodgeon, Director of OKRE, said: “I am delighted that leaders from across the entertainment industry have joined the Task Force on the Social Impact of Entertainment Industries. The working group seeks to understand and leverage the real impact that comes from engaging people with entertainment content. Real change is measurable change, and it’s an important step in demonstrating the scale of social and cultural impacts that entertainment content can have.

Taking place in London on June 15, the OKRE Summit will feature speeches and discussions from across the entertainment and charity sectors.

Aradhna Tayal, Director of OKRE Summit, said: “Through entertainment content, we have seen how creative and authentic portrayal of people, environments and global issues, locally and globally, drives engagement. from the public – both with content and issues highlighted. We’ve also seen how collaborating with experts like charities, academics, and community leaders results in innovative insights for richer content and stories. The OKRE Summit will be an opportunity for these two worlds to come together and create compelling and impactful content.

The first confirmed speakers for the event have also been announced. They are:

  • Jocelyn Stevenson, writer and producer, children’s entertainment
  • Miles Jacobson OBE, Studio Director, Sports Interactive
  • Simon Gunning, CEO, CALM
  • Ruby Kuraishe, Entertainment Editor, BBC
  • Susie Braun, Social Impact Director, ITV
  • Lucy Allan, Head of Drama Continuity, Lime Pictures and Executive Producer, Hollyoaks
  • Alejandro Villanueva Argüelles, director of Educación de Fundación Televisa
  • Dan Bernando, Founder, Playtra
  • Anne Morrison, Creative Director, Factual Programs at NEVISION LIMITED
  • Jamie Bartlett, Author, Presenter: The People Vs Tech, The Dark Net, Radicals & The Missing Cryptoqueen

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