After criticism from Léo Picon, the Jade team manifests itself on social networks: ‘He has already been decreed evil’


Sister’s brother said he disagrees with how profiles are handled during Big Brother Brasil

Reproduction/Instagram/@leopiconJade Picon’s brother spoke about his sister’s team during the BBB

After Leo Picon criticize the management of social networks by his sister, jade picon, the influencer team released a clarifying note this Wednesday the 16th, in which they rebut the claims and state that it will not work “to clean up the image of someone who has already been declared evil.” This Tuesday, Jade’s brother published a post in which he says he disagrees with the way his profiles are managed during his participation in the Big brother Brazil. The team put the name “Jade Piton” on the blogger’s social networks, in reference to a species of snake, and made posts in which they joked that she was the “bad guy” of the ‘editing. “My patience is very close to the limit,” Leo said in a video.

In a statement, Jade’s social media administrators said people “always tend to paint a bad guy and a good guy” on reality shows. “Therefore, if Jade was defined as a villain by the public, from our strategic point of view, it would be futile to try to pretend that nothing happened or to try to swim against the tide on the Internet” , reads the note. “If all of Brazil is making very harsh memes and criticisms of him, why can’t we join in the fun too?” the team asked. “You wanted protagonism, she’s a protagonist…Anyone who wants the admin to change her strategy, just start highlighting the cool things that Jade is doing. Not just the bad stuff. Like any human being, we have good and bad sides,” they concluded.


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