A small Lebanese chef who has become a star on social networks


You may have already come across the recipes of this little boy, who has become a real star on Instagram and Youtube. Liam, a 3-year-old Lebanese boy, offers cooking shows on social networks, accompanied by his mother.

This cooking duo was born from a passion shared by mother and son. Cybelemother, began experimenting with cooking while on maternity leave, pregnant with Liam. From birth, the little boy watched his mother do little tutorials in her kitchen, enjoying the food she prepared for him. But when Liam grew up, he too had to get his hands dirty. And since then, Liam’s face, facial expressions and culinary exploits have made him a star on social networks!

A little chef who cracks internet users

Very talkative and a little clumsy, Liam has become a real little boss which makes more than one Internet user fall in love with him. And for good reason, his childish smile is very communicative. The little boy revisits the culinary specialties of Lebanonand her mom assists her little assistant, sharing her recipes with her Instagram and YouTube followers.

The short and playful videos posted on their Popo’s Mama chain, to capture the complicity of the mother and the son from the preparation of the meal to the tasting. And Liam even does the dishes! It’s a great way for parents to get ideas.


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