A particular arranged marriage that should cause a great social change


Arranged marriage is the most traditional and commonly used marriage system in India. However, the modern definition of marriage has changed due to love affairs, business, websites, online weddings, and social media. However, the arranged marriage has not gone out of fashion and will never go out of style. It was, is and will remain the most popular matrimonial system in our country. But have you ever thought that modern thoughts could be matched by this old-fashioned system called “arranged marriage”? Two special people with incredibly advanced thoughts and multiple rejections can find a perfect match for each other, and you don’t need a love match or digital services for that. Arranged marriage is the right thing because it gives you a chance to meet a stranger who you can find better than many digitally known people. Amazon MiniTVthe last mini movie, Arranged, arranges things in perfect order to leave you all with mind-blowing thoughts. Attention: they are not for normal people.Arranged is the story of two young people, Rich and Tarun. During an official meeting to organize the marriage, Tarun (Rithvik Dhanjani) and Rich (Tridha Choudhury) and their parents meet. During the conversation, Tarun reveals several facts that have caused multiple rejections in the past, while Rich also feels comfortable revealing his secrets. They both discover new things about each other that don’t seem normal (to supposedly normal people). However, their incredibly peculiar nature may find this fair, but will it make things work? Find all the surprising answers in this short journey.The mini-movie has a total of six faces to show in 20 minutes, so you can imagine how gripping the show is. Rithvik Dhanjani is as honest as his character. It carries specs like Harry Potter (because he’s a reader, that part is damn smart and humorous) he’s direct and very socialized about things going on around him. No doubt every woman will love her character and her performance too. Finding a girl like Tridha Chaudhary in real life is hard, but if you find her somehow, believe me, it will be hard for you to keep her away. Tridha plays such a beautiful role here, and she looks so damn natural with everything she does. In supporting roles, Neelu Kohli, Raju Kher, Praveena Deshpande, and Ravi Khemu look pretty good. Arranged is beautifully written by Sharanya Rajgopal. These thoughts are way ahead of their time and have the power to bring about great social change for many reasons. Whether it’s women’s issues, the population, or people’s idea of ​​being normal, Arranged is able to teach them something about progressive ideas and processes. Santosh Vasandi’s frames look like a house, and Gandhaar Sangoram’s score sounds fresh. Ritesh Memon has a respectable track record in his kitty, from writing to editing to assisting and completing a few projects. This is why he knows how to handle his craft without losing the rhythm and the main essence of the story. With Arranged, he manages to tell a sweet story full of bitter truths about society. Not the combo you’d like to miss, is it? Globally, Arranged worth 20 minutes of your life. This arranged marriage of two eccentric people should cause a major social change.


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